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As children we both loved animals. We not only had numerous pets, but we also took care of the pets of our friends and relatives.

When we decided to unite, we knew that we also had to unite our pets. Three Yorkies and two cats. It took some time but they adjusted well.

For years we have rescued and found homes for numerous pets. We believe that our pets are family members and are loved as such.

I know that my children, even if they are animal lovers, will not take in my pets. We decided to draw up a will and to be ready for what ever the future brings.

The experience with Coco has now brought us to a new mission in our lives. That is to make sure that other pets have the opportunity to be cared for, if their master gets ill or passes away.

With this in mind, we bought over fifteen acres and relocated to Central Florida.


We then met Isabella, a beautiful 10 year old child who on her second visit asked us to adopt her. Isabella adores animals and became our loving daughter.

We are now ready to provide you with the care your pet(s) is used to.


About Us 

​​Help make a difference and tell your friends about our rescues.

​ When your heart is opened to these pets that are hard to adopt, you ARE making a difference.

We are not alone in this mission, you are our partner. We would not be able to take in these animals if it wasn't for your love and support.


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Coco's Pet (501c3)

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