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Donate to help an old, blind or injured pet. 


Over 10,000 homeless and abandoned animals each year find a new home through a shelter- could you help us with those pets that are not adoptable?



We all know that young pets have a huge change of finding a new home.  What about the old ones? Those that are injured for whatever reason. The ones that are now blind? The ones that their owners died and no family member would take them in, especially if they are old. The ones that are not so fisty or look cute, also need as much love and care. Why should they be euthanized?


Think of it this way. What does your future have in store for you. Will you end up in a home? Will your family and/or friend visit? The way we want our future to be and the harsh reality maybe very different. Do our pets have a say so? Of course not, but we do, as long as we are in the right state of mind, We might have everything planed for our loving pets, but please remember those pets that are less fortunate.

Here at Coco's Pet Ranch, they get the love, attention, medications and all their needs are met. We make sure they feel that they are loved, because we do love them.

 I'm sure we have heard of many stories of pets that are not wanted, abused, neglected and some have a chance. Nessa Bella, was in the middle of HWY 66. She was hit and left in the middle of the road to die. I stopped, saw she was alive. Her little body was jumping out of control, her eyes pushed inward (white). I rushed her to the nearest vet, where they said she was in shock and that the next 24 hours would be critical for her survival. Nessa Bella survived with a head concussion, broken hip and in excruciating pain. I found her owner, and he indicated he did not have money for the vet bill. I assured him that we had already taken care of that and that we did not want to get paid. His response was “she is no good now, she is damaged and you can keep her”. So we did, We followed the vet’s instructions and nursed her back to health. Nessa Bella (Beautiful Miracle) can run, jump, and play with the others. She is such a happy girl that we are so grateful that she survived that horrible accident. How many stories can you share, hundreds, I bet. I'm sure you understand our commitment.

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Coco's Pet (501c3)

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